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What Being Constantly Tired May Mean

Sometimes being constantly tired is simply the result of pushing oneself too hard for too long, and not giving the body and mind sufficient rest. Among other things, this can lead to accumulating stress, which only magnifies the problem.

There are other causes of being constantly tired that may have very little to do with our day to day activities, or how much sleep we are getting. We'll explore a few of the more common causes here.

First of all, let's make a distinction between tiredness or fatigue, and being constantly tired or suffering from chronic fatigue. The former is normal, something we all experience from time to time, and something a good night's sleep, a nap, or just sitting for awhile usually remedies.

Ongoing tiredness or chronic fatigue is another matter and usually requires much more than getting enough sleep or taking a daily nap.

Allergies - Many disorders which can cause chronic fatigue can be easily treated. In the world of health and medicine, if you can pinpoint the cause, and the disorder is treatable, you can usually eliminate the symptoms, in this case the feeling of being constantly tired.

Allergies are probably the most common cause of chronic fatigue, particularly those allergies which tend to linger on for an extended period. The presence of pollen is one cause of an allergic reaction, though the presence of pollen is usually a temporary situation.

Animal dander, dust mites, and mold or mildew can, on the other hand, be constantly present in one's day to day activities, and over time, the effects of the allergy can bring on a condition of being constantly tired.

Anemia - Anemia is another leading cause, usually the result of an illness or a deficiency, such as an iron deficiency, or a deficiency in vitamin B12 in the blood.

Anemia will often occur in conjunction with a loss of blood, brought about by hemorrhoids, ulcers, a heavy menstrual cycle, or other means. It is a reduction in hemoglobin, and not just the loss of blood itself, which can contribute to feelings of fatigue.

The cure for being constantly tired in cases such as these would consist of treating hemorrhoids or ulcers, plus going on an iron rich diet, possibly bolstered with iron or vitamin supplements.

Kidney Problems And Fibromyalgia - A variety of diseases and physical disorders can bring on chronic fatigue, with kidney disease being one of the leading causes.

Any debilitating disease can of course bring about feelings of fatigue, either because blood levels are affected, or a person is simply experiencing difficulties in mentally coping with the illness.

Fibromyalgia, a superstar as far as numerous symptoms is concerned, often brings with it bouts of chronic fatigue, or in the very least, a feeling of general laziness.

Sometimes It's Mental - This brings up the point that chronic fatigue isn't always caused by a physical disorder.

A large percentage of those experiencing chronic fatigue or feeling constantly tired, feel that way because of a mental problem or disorder. Depression or anxiety often go hand in hand with feelings of tiredness.

Those suffering from postpartum depression, seasonal affective disorder syndrome (SADS), or bipolar disorder, very often constantly feel tired and fatigued for no apparent reason.

A Serious Situation - A major cause of chronic fatigue, especially among older adults, is heart disease.

Feelings of exhaustion, general tiredness, or difficulty in performing activities once considered easy, can be an indication of a heart problem, and should not be ignored.

Treatment of the heart condition will usually result in resolving any problems with fatigue that may have cropped up.

Don't Ignore It - Whatever the cause, being constantly tired and doing nothing about it can sometimes make matters worse.

One can get in a vicious cycle where a disorder is causing chronic fatigue which in turn creates a situation in which the disorder causing the fatigue in the first place becomes more serious, leading to even greater fatigue.

If you are experiencing chronic fatigue or feel constantly tired, it would be in your best interest to seek help from a qualified physician.



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